• We Care Program is designed to support vulnerable groups during pandemic period, by delivering them sanitary packs, contacting them via regular caring calls, and educating them health information. Throughout the program, our ​PoDs (People of Differences: visually impaired and hearing impaired staff) make a paradigm shift by changing role from receiver to giver.

    We Care

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    Sanitary Packs for 2 Beneficiaries




    HK$ 200

    Sanitary Packs for 2 Beneficiaries + Subsidy for 2 visually impaired to serve the community



    HK$ 500

    Sanitary packs for 4 beneficiaries and emotion support training for PoDs to conduct 4-week Caring Calls



    HK$ 1,000

  • We Care in Actions

    Supported by PoDs (visually impaired & hearing impaired)


    Collect masks and hand sanitizer donations from general public and corporates and our PoDs prepared them in packs

    Deliver sanitary packs, interact with and share preventive hygiene measures with a total of 2000pax needy .

    Manage regular 1-hr caring calls to target group of 200pax on a weekly basis to provide emotional support

    Produce anti-pandemic education materials for organization to share with their members.

  • We Care Results

    ( Mar - May 2020 )

    Emotional Support​ to Beneficiaries

    How caring calls support the beneficiaries:​


    • 96.5% Reduce ​anxiety

    • 87.3% Being positive and happy

    • 95% Raise awareness of anti-pandemic measures


    Benefits to PoDs

    How the service benefits our PoDs:


    • 100% Caring calls help increase their happiness

    • 87.5% Caring calls help increase their public health knowledge​

    • 100% Interested in participating the community service in future