Supporting People of Differences (PoDs)

    As a non-profit charity organization, the Foundation is committed to nurturing People of Differences (PoDs) to become role models in the society. By providing them organizational and financial assistance in support of their education and career development, the Foundation encourages them to unleash their potential and realize their dreams.


    With the donations, the Foundation backs PoDs in pursuing their goals in employment, self-employment, social enterprise, or in volunteer service.


    In partnership with Dialogue Experience (DE), the Foundation also provides subsidies for the underprivileged to participate in experiential learning with a vision of promoting social inclusion and fostering acceptance, respect and understanding about individual differences.



    Dialogue Academy

    The Foundation has set up a Dialogue Academy for PoDs from developing countries in Asia, which is a contribution of Hong Kong to increasing employment opportunities for PoDs in this region, and promoting inclusion in corporations and the society at large. .


    Dialogue Academy is a 3-month program that empowers higher-educated youth with disability in Asia to achieve meaningful mainstream employment, via emersion training, corporate internship and coaching follow-up in Hong Kong. Champions are companies/organizations who support DA by providing internship opportunities.



    Concert in the Dark

    The Foundation had hosted "Concert in the Dark" in 2017. This annual event was organized by a team of visually impaired persons, making the most of their lives in action, creating unlimited possibilities in the dark. All ticketing proceeds deducting cost go to the Foundation.


    For details please visit: https://www.facebook.com/concertinthedark/

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