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    Success Story: Michelle Siu & Her Music Life

    “The 20-year-old lost her sight very young, but her voice has the ability to move people to tears” – SCMP Young Post

  • Mission

    By providing human and financial resources, Dialogue in the Dark (HK) Foundation aims at identifying and nurturing courageous persons with disability, to showcase their talents and potential as role models for the community; supporting them in pursuit of education and career advancement; empowering them to realize their dreams.



    Dialogue in the Dark (HK) Foundation Ltd (DIDF) is committed to promoting social inclusion, tolerance, respect and appreciation of individual differences.


    Dialogue in the Dark (HK) Foundation Limited is a tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. (Reference no.: 91/10581)

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  • Keith Lee Kam-wah & his Silent Stage

    Lee lost his hearing after a bout of fever when he was 3. He didn't even realize it until he was almost knocked down by a truck. An old lady had tried to warn him but Lee didn't hear the warning. He got scared, felt alienated and neglected from the outside world. Throughout early childhood and adolescence, he crawled into the shell of a shy introvert.


    Lee got into acting after attending an event at a community center. He met a deaf teacher who was strict but who had faith in him, and who gave him inspiration. From then on, Lee dedicated himself to silence performances, as a script writer, director and actor.


    “He also believe that the audience learns empathy with deaf people while, at the same time, encouraging those with normal hearing to be more courageous and walk out of their comfort zone to express themselves.” – China Daily

    Jennifer Wong Ming-wai : A Silver Lining

    Jennifer, visually impaired, is the co-founder of social enterprise Codekey Cookies. She wished to promote inclusion and break social labels on the visually impaired by selling cookies with Braille. “ADD (Ability, Dignity and Diversity)” is Jennifer’s life motto. She deeply believes the society should let people with different abilities play to their strength, live with dignity, and make Hong Kong an inclusive society.

    Comma Chan, Artist

    Comma is a theatrical artist with acquired blindness for over 20 years. He did not give up, but face life difficulties eagerly, and dedicated himself to encouraging the others with his own life story. In 2013, he co-founded “Theatre in the Dark”, creating unique non-visual theatrical experiences. In 2008 and 2014, he was awarded “Top Ten Regeneration Warriors” and “Hong Kong Spirit Ambassador”; in 2016, he was awarded “Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons”.

    Jason Wong, DANCER

    Jason is born in a deaf family. At 6 years old, he got a fever and lost his hearing. To pursue his dream, he resigned from a government job at 26 years old and started learning dancing. Although he can't hear music, he can feel the rhythm of music to dance. As a core member of hip-hop dance group "Fun Forest", Jason signed to become the main character of Hong Kong's first sign language dancing movie "Lighting Dance of Silence", acting as a deaf man.

    Michelle Siu & her Music Life

    Michelle Siu Hoi-yan had lost her sight because of eye cancer at three months old. But the musical prodigy has won more than 60 music competitions, including the massive inter-school music competition Supernova 2013, and in 2017 she was invited to sing at Concert in the Dark – a DIDF grand concert organized by the visually impaired and held in complete darkness.


    Having learned vocal music and piano since an early age, Michelle believes music is a universal language that can bring people together and bring happiness to many more people.


    “The 20-year-old lost her sight very young, but her voice has the ability to move people to tears” – Young Post

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